Leo, Athos, and Gaia

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DOB – 12/05/2010
Breed – Dogue De Bordeaux

Medical history

Dr Ian Bairstow BVSc

6 months old

  • 20/11/2010 – Lame Hind leg on and off, bunny hops, hip pain, medial swelling, and conformation poor.
  • Xray hips E300 – left thigh atrophied, left hip > 50% outside acetabulum, head some flattening,
    Anterior acetabular edge some rounding = HD
    Right hip minor HD ATT ie minor subluxation, both stifles stable
  • 23/11/2010 – Referral letter to see Dr Kim Smith (Orthopedic Surgeon), Veterinary Specialist Services, Underwood.

Dr Kim Smith (Orthopedic Surgeon)

  • 23/11/2010 to 2012 regular Physio – recommended swimming, set up obstacle course at home with sticks to encourage lifting of legs, minimize walking of dog.
    Slow down growth by changing to Adult Food.
  • Xray hips x 2

2 Years old

  • 2012 – paralysed, Vet suggests a myelogram (uncertain about a treatment)

In 2012 our beautiful, gentle, affectionate, big boy Leo was paralysed. The Veterinary Specialist Services at Underwood said that they could do a myelogram, but this would only diagnose (cost from $1800 to 3000 plus). Question, is a treatment available and if not, do we have to put Leo down?

We had exhausted all our financial means of which we then had to take out a personal loan. We were going to proceed with the Vet- myelogram as we had contacted and not heard back from Robert Humphrey, Animal Chiropractor.

After much contemplation, prayer, fasting and searching for a solution (as the Vet did not seem confident of a treatment for Leo) we came across John website. I watched a video of a paralysed horse that got up on its feet, and I could not believe it. We contacted immediately to book an appointment for Leo.

told us the changes we needed to make at home (i.e., rest Leo, bedding etc.) until he could get to us and then continued to educate us throughout Leo’s life (keep Leo off slippery floors, build an enclosure, water and food bowls at head height, bedding firm and on the ground, keep nails trimmed and hair between toes short etc.).

It took several weeks of Animal Chiropractic treatments before Leo was good as can be and mobile again.

Leo continued to need to have s Animal Chiropractic treatments throughout his life as maintenance and especially in Winter. We took Leo to see Gary Pitt, Animal Chiropractor when we could not get in contact with . The results from Gary Pitts Animal Chiropractic treatment for Leo were not of the same standard. Disappointing when you know what result to expect having had s Animal Chiropractic treatments on Leo before.

Wish we knew from the start of Leos life of how important it is to have your dog in alignment with s Animal Chiropractic treatments. There is no doubt in my mind that Leo would have had no paralyses and would have been in alignment and developed correctly.

If it were not for divine intervention and s Unique Animal Chiropractic treatments, we would not have had the time, unconditional love, and years that we did share with our beautiful boy, Leo. Thank you, xxx,



Lessons learnt…………


In 2016, we came home with two 8-week-old, beautiful, gorgeous, healthy, and cute Dogue De Bordeaux puppies.

Before their arrival, we contacted to schedule in their Animal Chiropractic treatments. This time we knew how to do it right.

Athos and Gaia grew up, well aligned, and developed into two beautiful, happy, calm, and relaxed dogs.

SURPRISE…..a litter of pups


In 2018, Mamma Gaia delivered eleven (11) beautiful, healthy puppies. Mamma Gaia was such a gentle, loving Mummy as she did her best to love, care and feed all her babies for several weeks.

Of course, we had all eleven (11) puppies treated by John using his Animal Chiropractic treatments before they left our home to their new families.

Each puppy received three (3) Animal Chiropractic treatments giving the puppies the best start, we could give them by what we have learnt and know to be true.

All new owners were given John ’s information and details in their take home packs to have follow up Animal Chiropractic Treatments.

Terri Stirling


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